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19th September 2005

elven_ranger11:27am: Pagan event in Devon...

(hope its OK to list here, if it isnt, please feel free to delete..)

Halloween party in aid of Animals In Distress, includes bring-and-buy sale, stalls, fancy dress, raffle, etc, at Collaton Village Hall, near Paignton on October 29th from approx 6.30pm. (Collaton is on the main road between Totnes and Paignton) Organised by the New Moon Moot (a local group of the Pagan Federation). Bring your friends, it should be a great evening!

You can always email me (bardic_dreams@yahoo.co.uk) for more details or with any questions....

3rd August 2005

elven_ranger2:20pm: does anyone know of free places either online or in relevant hard-copy publications, where I will be able to list a charity event being held at Halloween/Samhain, (fancy dress, bring and buy etc)in Devon (UK) to raise money for an animal charity, being held by local Pagan Federation members?????? (getting my promoting plan underway!) Obviously I have thought of Greenevents, Connect, its already going to go in Pagan Dawn (another members sorting that) and Dark Mirror, and witchcraft.org, but any further ideas from you people would be most handy. :) If youd rather email me direct my addy is bardic_dreams@yahoo.co.uk

23rd May 2005

diana_molloy11:49am: Hmm well it seems nobody is in need of any help right now.
Still I will do another all round sort of post.
It seems obvious but when you are planning to do any sort of magic (yes I prefer to not use the k) outside, not only must you consider your location meets your needs in terms of appropriateness but that you know how to leave it as you found it.
In a lot of worship sites people leave offerings and the like (some more appropriate than others) but if you are in a 'normal' area you really shouldn't. Some spells do ask you to leave your workings there but it is better that you remove them rather than some person/animal picks through it.
You should also be wary of what you use if in natural (i.e. wooded) areas. Some materials can be harmful to the plant life and animal life around. The old adage of 'if in doubt, leave it out' works well in these cases.
You should also ask the land you plan on working on if it is willing to help, to be your conductor. Because it might not be and if it isn't (for many different reasons) at best what you are doing will not work and at worst it will backfire.
Lastly pay attention to the foot traffic. Visit the area (at the time you plan on doing your workings) on a few different occasions to see how busy it is. The last thing you want is to be interrupted by people.
All simple things, but sometimes forgotten by people.

Have a good day,


16th May 2005

diana_molloy1:53pm: WELCOME

This is just a hello to welcome everyone into the throw. I set up this community because too many times I have found myself in need of a location to perform magic, or needing a place where I can buy/find something and have been at a loss.
The internet is great but it is also HUGE and so it can take time to find what you need.
My hope with all your help we can cut out the middle man.
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